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Made From Real Cork  



What is Cork? 
Cork is composed of dead cells that accumulate on the outer surface of the cork oak tree.

Where does cork come from?
Most of the world’s main Cork Oak forests are found in Portugal.

Amazing Benefits of Cork Products
Considered as the global leading sustainable raw material, cork stands out as a favorite option for manufacturers of cork products. Due to the tremendous advantages that cork has to offer, cork products are rapidly growing within a wide range of applications. Cork is a natural material which is well known for its elasticity and impermeability. Products made from cork are also very lightweight, water and stain resistant. 


Is cork fabric eco-friendly?
Cork fabric is extremely eco-friendly. It scores highly in terms of sustainability. A cork oak tree does not need to be cut down – layers of bark are removed skillfully by hand and over the next few years the bark grows back. These trees can live hundreds of years.


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