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Let us make customised pair of boots for you.

For individuals, groups or special occasions and events.

Select your desired colour or pattern from our options.

Alternatively, if you require a particular colour or print, send us a high density quality photo and we will try to copy as close as possible. There will be a premium for specialised prints.

Please use our home guide to take your footwear measurements and send to us.

Please note, once we manufacture your choice according to your details, no refund will be possible.

As your request is custom made, average delivery time will be approximately 30 working days.

Customised footwear is suitable for individuals as well as for groups or special occasions.

Tour Groups, hiking clubs, team building events, company or product branding, political or religious groups, group identity, hotel dress code, weddings, reunions, sporting fans etc.

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How to measure shoe size at home
Measure in the evening, when the foot is at its fullest shape
Be barefoot or put on socks that you plan to wear with the new shoes
Stand on a hard surface
Ask a friend to help you
Stand straight with your weight equally distributed on both legs
Trace both feet because it’s normal for one to be longer than the other
Measure the distance between two most prominent points (from back of the heel to the end of the longest toe)
Write down the numbers you get
Use measurements of the longer foot
Find out your shoe size
To get the most accurate size, input your longer foot’s measurements.