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About Us

Our Story 

We are a team of dreamers and believers.
We are driven by thoughts and actions in transforming potential into reality. We are an innovative team of Progressive, Passionate Professionals striving to preserve and promote our Global Culture and Heritage and in uniting the people of the world with one common factor - OUR SHAAMLI RANGE OF SUSTAINABLE & ECO - FRIENDLY FOOTWEAR. 
Our team comprises business professionals from various sectors including finance, legal, marketing & sales as well as researchers and developers in the footwear industry.
Just as clothing, food, song and dance have crossed the borders of the cultural world, we too would like our sustainable cork footwear to unite all the peoples of the world as they work, play, travel and explore the world in wearing our eco-friendly footwear. 

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Shaamli Footwear is proud to be the originator and exclusive owner of our Shaamli Cork Footwear and sole distributor throughout the world of these and other products. This Shaamli range is authentically manufactured using state of the art machinery and equipment using first grade cork fabric to provide you, the user, with top quality footwear of distinction. Shaamli Footwear also offers you a wide range and variety of other makes of footwear products suitable for Male, Female & Children in a vast and diverse range of materials, colours and styles, all inspired by Mother nature. 

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Our Range

Our range of natural cork Shaamli Footwear are meant for everyone.
Man, Woman and Child. 

We have a full and extensive range of footwear that includes slippers, sandals, shoes, half boots and full boots in a range of different materials, fabrics, patterns and styles. 

Our innovative thinking and development brings you state of the art footwear in various hi-tech  fabrics, including vegan & environmentally friendly fabrics as well as water and fire resistant.

Our range of footwear is suitable and ideal for:
Indoors & Outdoors
Most Climatic Conditions
Most Seasons
Casual & Formal Wear
Work & Play

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One Step Ahead

Shaamli Footwear has created a range of footwear suitable for almost every event and occasion.
The range of footwear incorporates styles and ideas used centuries ago by the peoples of distant and varying global terrain as they travelled from place to place in search of food, accommodation, trading routes and settlements.
During the day, they had to face scorching temperatures and in the evenings below freezing conditions. As they traversed these terrains, they were faced with dangers from many insects including scorpions and spiders and thorn and stone riddled terrain.
They needed to protect their feet against all these elements. A crude and simple solution was for them to use animal skins or natural vegetation, which, as time went by, became more and more sophisticated.
Today, Shaamli Footwear brings you the best cork and other suitable and sustainable footwear, manufactured by dedicated craftsmanship and workmanship, using state of the art technology.
Our shoes are universal and versatile. They can be worn indoors and outdoors. They can be worn during the week or on weekends.
They are suitable for work or play.
They can be worn for formal occasions or simply as casual attire.
Shaamli's are not a fad nor a trend.
They are a "must have", providing stability, reliability,durability and dependability. 

a must for ALL Seasons.

a must for ALL Reasons.
We pride ourselves of being “One Step Ahead”

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